Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to read my blog! I figured a post about my first born and a glimpse into my life would be a perfect first blog post! I'm so excited about getting back into writing- it's been way overdue.  

Putting together some of my favorite images for this post was way more emotional than I would have expected. With the birth of my son, Dominick, my heart has grown more than I ever knew was possible. I've truly enjoyed every phase with him- our maternity session while I still grew him inside, the fleeting and sweet newborn days, his first smile and heart melting grin, and seeing his personality develop as he grows and changes day to day. He brings Alex and I so much joy. All my life I longed for the day when I would become a mom, and now that I'm living it, it is one of the most beautiful, challenging, exhausting, and fufilling roles I've ever done. 

Time is already proving to be a thief. I cannot believe 5 months with my baby have already gone by. But since I can't stop time, at least I have these moments to look back on (even if it's over and over again on my phone when I should be in bed sleeping before my sleeping babe wakes up ready to party with mom!)