Bump 18 Weeks

18 weeks. 

This is my first blog post about this pregnancy! I've shared a little more on Instagram, but I want to get back into posting updates here too so I have them to look back on. So to recap, we're having another baby! I'm 18 weeks along, due July 7th, and we found out the baby's gender at an early ultrasound at 16 weeks. It's a boy! We are super excited that our family is growing and I can't wait to meet our newest son and get to know him. I also am looking forward to seeing Dominick in action as a big brother! It's such a strange feeling to watch as your baby starts to grow up and having it sink in that soon we'll be a family of 4. 

So far this pregnancy is flying by. I'm soaking up all the time in this current season because I know so much will change. My first trimester was a mix of extreme exhaustion and morning sickness just about every day. I definitely felt sicker this time around than I did with Dom, but compared to some, I'd still say I had it relatively easy and for that, I'm extremely thankful! 

What's Happening: Started to feel some kicks and movements around 16-17 weeks! Hungry all the time. Trying to rest and keep up with a busy toddler, by evening I'm usually pretty spent. Still deciding if he and Dom will share a room or if I'll do a separate nursery. Baby is the size of a sweet potato! 

When we took these pictures it was freezing! We chased Dom around, attempted to get a nice picture with him (not happening), Afterwards, we went out for dinner and had the best time. These are the times I really just cherish together and I can't wait to add another member to our family.