Emery | Newborn Lifestyle Session

I feel like I owe you all an apology. I've been posting like once a month with a huuuuuuuge desire to post so much more! There's so many sessions I still have to share as well as my own content I'm working on getting out (spoiler- I'm SUPER excited about that!) There's been so much going on behind the scenes both with this business and just our life in general that consistent blogging has taken to the backburner a bit. So thank you to all of you who continue to read and stick with me, you all are the greatest- I really mean that! 

So, I promise this sweet in-home newborn session will make up for my lack of sharing all the yummy newborns, adorable families, and beautiful people I've been holding back from you! Little Emery is soooooo precious, and I just adore her parents (and her sweet Grandma JuJu too!) They are truly an amazing family with such loving hearts. I shot her session at their home and got to tour Emery's incredibly nursery, it's like MEGA-Pinterest worthy, her mom Jordan did an amazing job! I always love in-home lifestyle sessions because you not only see unique spaces and warm loving atmospheres but you also are really able to connect with your families on a more intimate level when they're comfortable and relaxed in their own space. 

I hope you enjoy!