Family Outing | Double Stroller Life

I power cleaned the house, made (and drank) hot coffee, organized the toys, and had time to write a blog post! Who am I? It’s amazing what a full night of sleep can do for a girl! 

This past Saturday we took a trip downtown and it was one of those picture perfect days. We were all up early and actually got ready and out of the house before 10am. We headed to a coffee shop and grabbed some coffee and pastries. Then decided to take the boys to the park. The boys- still getting used to the plural!

German Village area in Columbus is one of my favorite spots. If you’re local or come to visit, make sure you check out Schiller Park. It’s a beautiful area with a park for kiddos and a pond that always has a ton of ducks around. 

We’ve had about 7 weeks now with our double stroller and I can confidently say I really love it! I remember being suuuuper pregnant with Isaac on the Fourth of July, days before my due date, unashamedly staring at strangers at the park looking at what double strollers they had for their kids. I  researched the Contours Options Elite online and we went to Buy Buy Baby to test it out in person to make sure we like it and that Dominick fit because he’s pretty tall.

My top 3 reasons I love this stroller

1. Price Point. If you’re on the hunt for a double stroller and still want a modern yet affordable option- this is my pick. You can add it on most big retailer registries and take advantage of discount coupons. (We used our Target Redcard for 5% off plus our 15% off registry coupon.)

2. Car Seat Adapter. The Contours was one of the few strollers I found that could work with any infant car seat. You can purchase a car seat adapter  off of Amazon for $20 and then fit any infant car seat, we have the Chicco Key Fit and it works fine. Once you don’t need the infant seat, the other seat clicks in super easy.

3. Seating Combinations. The other major thing I love with this stroller is that the seats can easily switch out and you can do so many different combinations. You can have the kids face outwards, face you, or face each other. I feel like the boys facing each other is going to be so fun when Isaac’s a little older and they’re getting along, and then I love that I can change it up if they’re not feeling it. 


Last thing worth mentioning- if you have a van or SUV this stroller will fit pretty easily. If you have a car, I’d check it out at a store to make sure it fits as it definitely is larger than a single. You may need to take off the seats to fit it in the trunk, but thankfully the seat snap in and out super easy. 


Hope this helps for any of you in limbo on a stroller choice! 😉